Blood Donating February

It’s February, and for 6th year in a row S.T.I.C.S is challenging everyone out there who is healthy enough, to go and donate blood in the month of February. A lot has happened since we started Blood Donating February, and we are now collaborating with the national Swedish blood donation campaign on several fronts as official ambassadors.

However, certain things just don’t change, and for any of these efforts to make a difference your participation is still very much needed.

Blood cannot be artificially made and can therefore only be given to fellow human beings by good hearted people who donate. Don not think of this as a “I’ll donate blood because one day I might need blood”, but think of this month as a challenge if you are scared of needles. Think of this month as a way to do something good for other people. Think of this month as a chance to prove to your self that you can help more people than the ones you actually know. Even if you never get to meet that person who you helped, he/she will never forget people like you.

Get started right here and help somebody survive another day