Pssst! We’re releasing a new book series

Starting out with our first contract with Bonniers a few years back, we’ve been consistently working to provide a hands-on guide for teachers to introduce students to the world of poetry. The book series is called “Anthology of The Aware” and the first volume will be entitled “Weapon of Choice”

To say the least, we are very much engaged in the agenda of preparing our future generations for the racial and minority reality that exist outside the safespaces of their classroom and their homes. As poets and yielders of the pen, we have taken a responsibility to arm our kids with knowledge, perspective and nuances that can get lost in a world that is increasingly focused on click-bate appeal and swipes. There are so many skills that can be deducted from the study of poetry, and we’ve deconstructed that process while connecting to timeless topics that all readers can relate to while engaging with our integrated interactive learning material.

It’s been quite the journey involving several schools and classes who’ve engaged in qualifying and finetuning the teaching material to match the reality in the classroom. As you can probably tell we got loads more to say about this, but for now we just want to share this milestone of the journey with our closest followers. Stay tuned for more on this!