“We need to talk race & minority realities with our kids” 

We’re back with a brand new EP and even more upcoming releases!

Those of you who are familiar with us individually know that we’ve been very much focused on passing on the conscious mindset to the future generations, and even more so with our own kids.

Fact is that we live in a society where realities are different depending on various minority and majority conditions. Our kids simply need to be equipped to not only understand the mechanisms of being a minority in society but also handle themselves in these situations.

The Tractatus ep, is an audible reflection of being raised as third culture kids in Sweden, and now bringing up our own children here in a world that both embraces and disgraces. We hope the project will help reflect upon parenthood, and spark discussions about how we can talk about race and cultural norms with third culture kids, as well as equip them to the best of our ability.

Lastly want to give a special shout out to Dunkers Kulturhus, Spektra for providing us with the location for the visuals of Tractatus and for recognising our work over the years:

It’s always nice to follow this super creative group, who for many years has explored almost all of the angles and corners of culture. But above all, S.T.I.C.S has established themselves as one of the biggest and most inspiring names in the contemporary history of Helsingborgs culture – Carl Nordal, cultural guide at Spektra, Dunkers Kulturhus

👉🏾Listen to Tractatus here👈🏾