The S.T.I.C.S Philosophy


It’s essential that every living being has a purpose. The philosophy of being in a group and all working for the same purpose is what unites this establishment.

Sounds That Inspire Conscious Souls believe in working united in all aspects. We have all grown up with notions of altruism. The ideology of being connected with everyone in this world assures us that it is the best way forward. Feeding the ego is not a beverage that we believe will quench our thirst; this is why you will always find us very strict with the usage of any other name than S.T.I.C.S. In a society where it is expected that everyone should work for themselves we present an alternative train of thought. The art of always being conscious and considering what is the best alternative for your neighbours is what we believe is needed. What an individual lacks, another individual can provide. This is why it is very important to challenge the norm of solemnly striving for a similar goal. One of the foundational goals for S.T.I.C.S is to inspire the coming generation to be autonomous. To be able to stay conscious of your actions and be aware of the hypothetical outcomes that they may lead to. To lead, question, as well as being critical of systems that one may be a part of, are topics that we often explore in our artwork. Despite the form of the constellation, we spread the same values and work for these values to be evident at all times.