Sharing the same vision and ambition for the acoustics of tomorrow, S.T.I.C.S teamed up with Ecophone, part of the Saint-Gobain group, to help facilitate and communicate their volition. This manifested it self in headlining their new product magazine and promo videos.


The O-zone BattlesOzone.

With more than 6 million views on YouTube and thousands of subscribers, The O-Zone Battles has become Swedens nr. 1 Rap-battle league with teens and young adults as its primary audience. We are proud to be the co-founders and official hosts of The O-zone Battles, a platform that has grown to become a a space for emerging lyricist to showcase their talent.  Click here to stay tuned with upcoming events


helsingborgs_kommunLika Möjligheter

The municipality of Helsingborg wanted to address the social inequality in the city, through the facilitation of a campaign and an online disccusion on its social media platforms. With a tailormade spokenword poem along with an audiovisual composition to mediate an even stronger message. The video was viewed more than 17.000 times and shared by 100+ individuals from Helsingborg Municipalities Facebook page, making this one of their best functioning social media campaign in 2016. Read about their project here



Global Week

For the last few years we have been a steady part of the Global Week in Aalborg city (Denmark) collaborating with the youth organisation UngAalborg. We’ve been designing and facilitating tailor made workshops for 8th and 9th grade students, touching upon current issues and living circumstances of people from around the world through spoken word. While raising their level of cultural awareness and consciousness, the spoken word format also provides an alternative means of teaching creative writing and practical presentation techniques. Check out UngAalborg here



Culture Hub

In collaboration with the local cultural unit “Kulturhotellet” we’ve been setting various cultural projects in motion, amongst others a popup exhibition in the middle of town where people have been able to come and experience an exclusive audio art installation of our W.O.C project, also known as Weapon of Choice. The installation was part of an experimental mobile art space project with the mission of bringing culture into city spaces and communities that are less exposed to art. You can read more about  Culture Hub and Kulturhotellet here


Danish Sound Innovation Network.DanishSound

One of the official governmental innovation networks, specializing in sound & music technology had over the course of 2 years been relying on our technical advisory and communications consultancy services, including social media activation, industry news productions as well as events & conference management. Read more about Danish Sound here



i_love_hbg_500x165_sbfI Love Helsingborg

A recycling initiative from the muncipality of Helsingborg is looking to engange with the local community and reward the citizens for achieving the 2’nd place in the contest for being Swedens cleanest city. I Love HBG chose S.T.I.C.S to host their events and develop media content for social media activation with focus on youth and young adults. Read more about I Love Helsingborg here


Orten Bästa Poet

As representatives of the few established Swedish poets who also navigate the category of third culture kids,  we are collaborating with the organisation Forenade Föroter helping them getting their spoken word platform of the ground as judges for qualifications to the national championships in spoken word. Click here to see the latest news from Förenade Föroter


Mega Musik Gymnasieskola

The music oriented high school Mega Musik Gymnasieskola invited us for artist talk and Q&A session for their students. With our 16+ years of experience in the industry, we provided key insights on work ethics, mentality and strategies needed to pursue a career as an artist, as well as the necessary sacrifices needed if one wishes to be amongst the elite.