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“We need to talk race & minority realities with our kids” 

The 2x times swedish poetry champions have entered their thirties, and their adulthood shines through their latest EP project Tractatus.

– Our kids need to be equipped to not only understand the mechanisms of being a minority in society but also handle themselves in these situations…at the same time, us being fathers now has just contributed to another level of perspective and appreciation to our own upbringing –

Says the artist collective when asked about why this EP came to existence. 2/3 of S.T.I.C.S are now fathers to young boys and the increased awareness of fatherhood has clearly left its mark. However, it is not only the lyrics that have entered another level of consciousness, the music supporting the poetic punchlines, also gives a distinct classic and grown touch to the EP with a sound of its own, unlike any of their previous releases

While Tractatus draws inspiration from Witgensteins complex understanding of language, the EP is a poetic display of multiple meanings and understandings of not only words but how we make sense of words in relation to context.

– At the end of the day we hope this project will help reflect upon parenthood, and spark discussions about how we can talk about race and cultural norms with third culture kids, as well as equip them to the best of our ability says S.T.I.C.S

The artist collective is widely known for their diverse application of skills within arts and culture be it music, poetry, hosting or television and has over the past 17 years managed to create a legacy that has not gone unnoticed:

It’s always nice to follow this super creative group, who for many years has explored almost all of the angles and corners of culture. But above all, S.T.I.C.S has established themselves as one of the biggest and most inspiring names in the contemporary history of Helsingborgs culture – Carl Nordal, cultural guide at Spektra, Dunkers Kulturhus

Tractatus was released on the 9th of July and is available on all your favourite music streaming services. Listen to Tractatus on Spotify & Apple Music 

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