S.T.I.C.S-Poets – Crack

Like the behind of your behind…I crack,
fingers, knees, but most visible to others,
my neck.
Watch it hang like jewelry. I have a fear of being neck-less,
my mom tells me that i’ll hurt myself,
my friends tell me that the sound sounds really relaxing,
my friends-friends? Well, they ask me how long i’ve been cracking,
and anyone younger then 12 want me to teach them.
So i’m embarrassed,
like a lamp collector i try to collect bright ideas,
addicted to information!
Like did you know that men used to wear heels before women?
Butchers would put them on, one on each foot to avoid
getting their feet soaked in blood,
Vampires don’t eat breakfast nor lunch,
but dinner is always served warm.
And the only difference in flavour in the meals are blood type.
The count counts his addiction to live forever, timeless.
He’s witnessed all weathers,
Like for some of us who don’t fear what vampires fear make sure to have an
addiction for vitamin-D.
We’ll fly over seas for a calm breeze mixed with palm trees and coconut juice,
slaves to tourism walking around the beach reaping from the wrong fruits.
A cup of Coffee or tea, nicotine or weed.
For some it’s as simple as always having to be right.
Fight your inner addiction!
Mind over body.
You think that you’re using it but, go ‘ahead’,
Like a hat – tell us what’s on your mind.
Socially unorthodox behavior,
The same friends who enjoyed the relaxing sound of the neck crack are the
same friends who make ones life difficult when ends don’t meet.
Level up… now they just call it o.c.d.
Quick to stand for an opinion but almost always amongst the last to actually
take a seat.
Went from enjoying the feeling to feeling a discomfort when I can’t
Do what I need to do to be able to rest my mind,
…but,i didn’t say sleep.
For an addiction to take place you need the desire,
the hope of ending the pain.
A temporary hiding place even if you’re aware of the long term damages that it
just may bring.
So what kind of pain are we talking about?
I’m referring to the thought of being unique,
Society has us in between two camps,
One stating that we should strive to standout from the crowed,
And another camp that claims that we should be a part of the crowed and not
So when amongst everyone else we switch to wanting
to be unique.
But when we part and walk alone amongst a crowed
for several hours we desire a comfort of being together,
with someone, or something, so we crack our necks, pick up our phones, light an
extra cigarette.
Do what we need to do to escape from this world for a short period of time,
for in patterns – hides the secret to both comfort and trust.
Does this beautiful thing of reassuring you that you’re connected with the past,
present and even future…
So why do you keep cracking they’ll ask?
I’ll tell them that i’m addicted.
Addicted to remind myself that I have faults.
Bad habits that now are called personal problems,
I’ve started my walk-athon and the first step was the hardest one yet,
to admit… that I have a problem.