S.T.I.C.S-Poets – He doesn’t get it

As creepy as it may seem, ever since the age of 16, these men would look at her.

The school books could never teach her how to read between the lines, just as‎ those men always tried to read between her eyes, they would,

penetrate right into her forehead where her mind would spend a lot of time thinking about her figure.

Often feeling a little bit ‘blue’ from all of their abusive stares, they read her body language walking by the bright yellow sun every morning on her way to catch the morning coffee.

A colourful mind when her body seemed to be in its prime. 

How much attention don’t you think that she’s been dealing with throughout the years of her life?

She lives in the type of world where she actually has to think about who will have the wrong type of bright idea when it’s dark and she’s walking home alone during the night.

Unwanted attention is something that she’s used to dealing with…

I mean the guys on the busstop…

The old nasty taxi drivers nasty remark…

The unlawful cops…

The neighbour on the top… looking down… on her top.

She had sadly enough gotten used to this,

but he hadn’t. He stood right next to her not realising his position, it was cursed!

Thinking because it was his first time speaking to her than he should automatically be seen as her first?

But she had met his type before.

The ones who heard a little bit about her past, let, her-story pass,  there’s no path,

his-story was history…no math, just plain addition to all of the old stuff that she had tried to forget.

How can she trust a new man who clearly brings nothing new to the table, but more to regret?

She’s used to them staring right at her while she stares right at the top of the stairs just waiting to be fed.

Another line or to be cat called by a guy who actually thinks that he reserves the rights to talk to her like Ted…

Men, when,  will we realise that what we think is a compliment can still manage to offend?

…the night life was at its peak!

So that’s when the fight broke out.

She said don’t let him bother you, leave it,

he said why should they call you names?

She said sticks and stones may break some bones.

He said how wise.

She said leave it, it’s not worth risking it all for someone who clearly doesn’t seem to value an equal life.

He’s now confronted and blinded by his ego so he hesitates if he should put back his knife…These men are of mice! They don’t deserve you.

She looked, coughed, thought. But what makes you think that you do?

Lets go back in time…

She trusted you. She never told you how she used to hear you hangup the phone when she’d visit you by surprise. Your presence was a gift…‎all wrapped in lies.

She…teenage loved you.

… remember when she broke you heart?

She rebound loved you.

… remember when you thought that all was so dark?

The ancient art of being in a conversation but yet, being silent for hours on the phone, and still she’d be the one to break the silence.

You thought that you had won the argument just because she broke the silence and spoke first.

It’s not a competition!

But then again, I  know how difficult it is to see it in any other way.

She was like‎ an orthopaedic doctor dealing with cracked feet…got used to mending broken souls you see.

…if you so much as own a thought, than think about how it can be taken away from you.

… guys, we wont even spend the time to think about thinking about, what male privilege feels like.

But for some reason you actually think that you can figure her out,

… there’s something that just doesn’t seem right.‎