S.T.I.C.S-poets – Hitlerish

(His view)
You see a color,
rainbowed by darker thoughts.
Can’t see straight, turned off.
Lights get switched on,
but your mind is still not brightened,
my hope’s gone.
Define culture? Speak!
but don’t if you can only see differences,
witnesses sicker than sickle cell disease’s,
please don’t walk away,
Keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer!
And if they’re too far away?
For to look racism straight in the eye is like a child staring into the
eyes…of a creep, so teach.
For even the repeating seven days are considered… weak.
Don’t let the fountain of life leak,
it’s all around us in great depth, it’s deep.
Deeper than the roots of Alex Haley,
deeper than the scenario right before screaming F*** YOU pay me!
deeper than understanding theodicy!!
Two arms, two feet, two hands, so obviously two faces.
Gemini type but concealing the evil face which has the evil mind,
but still a part of the same body.
So they share thoughts,
thinking that we’re the same as animals so we should
only keep around our kind.
But we’re better than animals… no?
Than why does Timon only hang out with Pumba in cartoon’s?
Segregation is not the answer to life’s questions, but still…
You just see a color,
rainbowed by your darker thoughts.
Refuse to see straight so you…turned off.
Lights get switched on,
but your mind is still not brightened.
…the hope’s gone.
(Parents view)
Dreams of a legacy to live yet another generation so you,
gave your child the same name that was past down for six generations.
Now it threatens extinction.
If he marries her than she might kill the tradition!
Better yet, she might not understand the tradition!
We use cups in the bathroom to clean ourselves,
her family use cups in the bathroom to wash their mouths.
…Class differences.
We’re better than them,
We’re what?
Obviously it can’t be said that straight, so,
people tend to walk around the problem,
hidden messages with hidden hints to show that she’s not ‘as’ welcomed,
So, mom said:
You seem to see something else,
I just see a color.
Rainbowed by my darker thoughts,
I refuse to see straight, so i… turned off.
Lights were switched on,
but my mind is still not brightened,
it’s the same – song,
(Her view)
She used to be calm,
You see patience was not a game played with cards,
she understood the rules but didn’t like them,
so she tried to introduce other rules but they weren’t accepted.
She saw through skin tone, but refused to agree to their rules.
Mom was to be pleased and father was to be too.
That awkward moment when she would walk past you in
town and give you that face that said I‘m with my parents at the moment, you know how it is.
He did, he understood the code so well but never knew what to do.
So he looked deep into the eyes of the mother,
She looked back and memorized his face now,
acted as if something was stuck in her throat and spat to the ground.
He walks away thinking to himself…
She just sees a color.
A flame thrown from the darkest thought.
Confused and can’t see straight, so she… burnt off.
What’s right was never quite – switched on.
So how could her mind ever be brightened when the legacies rope,
is – so – long?
(Friends view)
I say leave her!
You’re looking at the wrong watch!
Watch how she’s looking at her biological clock,
and now ticking more then just you off!
A slave to the clock, man’ you had me for a second there,
but give your situation a minute.
It’s not like you haven’t been fighting for hours,
days, weeks and even months.
They say after sunlight comes rain,
and after a tyrants son will come someone else who will reign.
So if you’re really going to be this stubborn and not act on lust,
then spend some time to think twice but make sure to only act once!
At the end of the day comes nightfall, don’t be sad.
Brighten up your thoughts from the moonlight,
and make sure to howl like the wolf you are,
Prey on another and pray for another…
Just stay calm.
For i know that you see many colors.
Embrace the rainbow and what it has taught,
always open your eyes to see straight,
never turned off. Lights are always switched on,
so your mind will always be brightened,
 Just remember that the hope’s never gone.