S.T.I.C.S Poets – I can’t be that guy / scopolamine

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer,
had I known who they were than life would have looked a little bit easier, you see,

I was the enemy,
So she held me close,
I mean like real close,
I mean like real real close,
I mean like forget a battle, man,
I was the essence of the whole war,

When He shuts a door,
not even the key to success can help you,
so, stay patient,
Just, wait for that window to open,
Don’t jump, just inhale,
oxygen is needed for us to breath,
But little can I do so when traditions are strangling me,

…there are two forms of racism that I’d like to address tonight,
one being the one we learn about in history class where nations fought each other for land,
And one exposing the hypocrites,
funny how all parents want the same for their daughters,
a man who is polite and can provide as well as being able to stimulate her mind, but,
You sir are just not good enough for mine,

we both listen when told that God keeps us as equals, as in peoples,
the, only difference between us are our actions towards people, we,
Stand next to each other during prayer, but in your heart I’m not really there,

you ask for peace upon the people when you turn to your right,
and you ask for peace upon the people when you turn to your left,
But how much peace can you ask for when you still find ways to deny me?

we don’t speak the same language,
Well, not until I learnt your mother tongue
to communicate with your mothers tongue, to ease upon the acceptance,

they are all doctors,
my family hardly graduated from highschool, – no bachelors, but i am a bachelor,
And what we do share, is a belief,
tradition states that there will be difficulties as I’ll become like a second class citizen in your world,
you showed doubt from day one,
Telling me how your parents wouldn’t understand,
I said that’s the problem, why can’t we overstand? Stand above all norms, stand above all social forms,

She said,
Where we stand right now isn’t even accepted, we both know that, its kinda pointless to even try to neglect it,
You treat me good but your actions don’t weigh that much for my community,
absurdity, listen to me!
She stopped… and said that her eldest sister tried it once,
and it was the greatest mistake she had ever done,
and that’s all that matters,
But they got married at the age of 19,
Now I stand here at the age of 28,
frustrated because I have to take in consideration that your family have been betrayed,

I keep looking at my wrist,
She keeps looking at her biological clock,
They want her married, it is time,

I used to place my little hand over my fathers and compare the size,
All fingers aren’t a like,
some are thumbs others are thinner,
being a part of the same hand doesn’t make some of the fingers less sinners,
Even within time they’ll grow,
just like opinions,
Children are like fingers on a hand,
non are the same,

Daddy’s the wrist,
Mom’s the thumb,
when squeezed together like a fist,
you see none’s above, God is,
or so it is taught,
You’d rather see your daughter marry a man who is an alcoholic,
before letting me try reaching paradise with her by my side,
…what a thought,

i can’t be that guy,
Scopolamine tendencies is what they asked the genie for when they rubbed his bottle,
He said he can’t toy with free-will,
so they played a different game,
Denied three people,
them being me, myself and i,
now eyes are shut, ignorance is opened wide,
She wants to give it a try,

but fears about what her mother will think,
who fears about what her father will think,
who fears about what his community will think,
But none seems to ask their spiritual leaders what it is that they would think,

They’d probably say: the prophet, peace be upon was breast fed from a woman
Whom had darker skin than he had,

Should be felt towards the unseen,
But tears, keep falling down as if we were of the jahileen,

So he asked for her hand,
Its hard to spot the elephant when the elephant has been placed in a pink room,
camouflaged by traditions,
he said his daughter will one day get married,
…Just not with you.