S.T.I.C.S Poets – language

It wasn’t until i traveled to England that i realized how blessed i was…picture it, me and a friend of mine walking around the store,
British people will call it ‘shop’… but you get it,

the irony of a Turkish man at the back of the counter stoping us and uttering ‘ey bruv, what language is that?’,
I look at him with amazement and answer with a confused face…
‘it’s swedish, why?’

He said ‘why do you speak swedish?’
And then it hit me,
It’s the same confused face people give my brother when he tells them that he speaks farsi or mandarin,

why? Because people can’t get over skin tone,
Anybody born in Scandinavia during the 80’s will tell you who’s responsible for teaching them english…T.V!

That’s right, the T.V gave us a Will to learn so feeling fresh like the prince brought confidence, it brought Jazz and even Doctors,
Feel’-up-these word-banks with poetry from poets like Raphael de la Ghetto… A different meaning to wanting to be G’,

But, M.tv brought us a music television with people that we physically could relate to…They looked like me,

Svt, showed cartoons that were dubbed in a language that we didn’t speak at home,
So, hungry for belonging, the satellite dish served the need,
‘Cartoon Network, K-Tv, Nickelodeon’ they all brought shows like the Adams family, Sesame street and the muppet show,
Who ironically enough had a swedish chef that none understood, that’s how i felt,
Like none ever understood us…
None ever understood why we always spoke in english,

I’ve noticed how it falls natural for my peers to be trilingual,
that would be English, Swedish and some other language,
this means that if you don’t speak swedish have no fear – you can still survive in Sweden,
I won’t deny there being a certain pride between immigrants and the so-called natives when it comes to language barriers but… you can survive,

and on the topic of pride,
If you don’t want to be treated like a child in front of your child in any situation where authorities are included,
Do what my mom does so politely,
look them dead in the eye and ask, ‘do you speak english?’

It wasn’t her mother’s tongue either so she calculates an even ratio between them…
I used to have to work as an interpreter each time that the phone rang,
Which is kind of mind puzzling when you often hear swedish use english words so casually,

For instance, look at the word ‘juice’ or ‘basic’,
And this one is my favorite…
the word ‘concentrate’, concentrate in swedish is koncentrera,
now that might not be peculiar for you if you don’t speak swedish, but for you who do,
Take a few seconds and spell koncentrera in your mind…

…that’s right,
there’s a ‘c’ in the middle, so i ask,
if keeping the ‘c’ in the middle is to make sure it remains as close to the english word as possible then why is there a ‘K’ in the beginning?

language plays so many tricks on us,
Like, tell your mind to nevermind for what’s mine is as explosive as a mine,
Walk on the wrong side of me and miss-read the signs you see, something’s rhyme, other’s are just intertwined like,
mother earth and father time,

Language is like this exclusive club with sounds in which only a few can decipher its code,
Funny how you try to make sense of a situation when you have to, like, finding faces in trees when you walk home alone,
It’s as if someone will say something and you’ll try to spot a word or two that seems hidden in their tone,

from Wittgenstein to listening to a mime,
It could be the same but it’s still different.