S.T.I.C.S Poets – lets get this clear

When homeless people ask for change – they don’t mean your money,
they mean for you to,
not pass them by as if they where worthless…

you’re not listening,
I said, homeless people are not asking for your change,
they’re asking for you to not look at them as if,
they, were worth less… then you were…

hpnotiq bottles hypnotized the genie within so upon his escape
the three wishes where all greed infested desires to remove the pain
from this world,

liquids where licked through body shots
with holes in the vests
leaving no protection

minds got triggered
so he kept shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting
until bars closed

he would be the life of the party,
first one there and last man out

and when he got out
he would pass Mr. bojangles himself
dancing around him

walking side by side with Johnny walker this time
thinkin he would slow down the pase but why?
“the night is young” he would scream “and so is I!”
my only crime I ever committed was not to enjoy myself enough!

ej…..”watch your step” the voice would speak,
covered by Aluma newspapers but the news wasn’t new
especially when Reality was all I knew,

he was right in front of me…
“can I ask you for change”?
…I would look
“can you change my situation?”
…can you change the way people perceive me?”

hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard
so you have to work hard my friend,
work your **** off for it to take you places!

3rd world mentality with a firstclass trip, sold out concerts you see,
got credit for work, than got credit to work with…

ooooooh life was good when you’re a star,
except for the facts that there is no real life close to stars,
so drinking was something smooth like a scar,

following Murphyís laws, partying all the time,
partying all the time, partying all the time…
I wanted to press pause,
but everyone under Gods moon knows that the show must go on!

and the winner? the winner takes it all,
exchanging places with the loser for he celebrated with a toast
to every song,

(caugh caugh)

“I here by would want to raise my glass in triumph,
success, to what? my staff,
and I have accomplished heavier **** than u can squeeze out of your ****”

the vocal chords where dry,
the happy hour was in!
a man who truly deserved to be recognized next to ed bradly every
second of a 60min interview,,,
but Ed is dead and he was soon to be next,

liver’s where damaged and a shot (drink) was more vital than a shot,
-rest in peace,
he collapst right in front of me,
loud sirens mixed with my silence,
realizing the resemblance of the man who gravity pulled down
looked like me

living in the fast lane,
couldn’t see ahead and pull UP the breaks before colliding with life’s bump,
even bill gates wouldn’t be able to find a window for me to jump

FLYYYYYYYYYY out, high on thoughts
swerving while im turning fresh from the buzz,
but the truth hit me,
the truth hurts cause I’m addicted!!

love the poison liquid more than I loved my parents,
love the poison liquid more than I loved love,
love the poison liquid more than I loved my marriage,
love the poison liquid more than I could ever have managed!

all the talent in the world just got caught up having some fun,
I see you see me and your eyes YES they judge,
an eye for an eye so your eyes for my eye,

…a little uncomfortable because you’re happy that you aren’t me,

…so you dig down in your pocket and look for change to throw,
but I already told you once before….

I want change…but you can keep your coins.