S.T.I.C.S Poets – What he said

He said,
Do your Rhymes pay?
I asked him does your crime?
He laughed and pointed at his fancy carI told him that that lifestyle will drive you insane,
He, said life’s game was like GTA,You’re given a life without having asked to be born,
But You’re never given respect,
Even from birth,
a babies cry shows that respect has to be taken,aah you mean like the hope you took off of teenagers lives?
He said, the same hope was taken right infront of my eyes,
My dad used to beat my momMy mom used to beat me,
Therefore I know no other way to gain respect than to beat the younger male version of me,

I said the apple doesn’t fall far from its tree,
He, said I never liked apples,
I told him an apple a day was supposed to keep the doctor away,

He said,
well call me fruity for selling an apple a day to make sure I don’t need to take governmental funds,
What would take you several years to accomplish,
I can make in less than a month,

I said for the price of paranoia a life isn’t cheap,
Sacrifice enough time doing wrong
and find your dreams everywhere else but in your sleep,

He said don’t you worry about me,
I said I don’t,

I worry for all the kids I keep correcting in class to do right,
The ones I keep trying to inspire to do something meaningful with this little thing they call life,
The ones provided with self- empowerment tools
but are too scared to take their own bite,

So I’m left with ignorance,
Like a blind man in an empty room whom can’t even tell if its dark or light,

He said you’re getting on my nerves,
I said good,
He said, aren’t there other thoughts that occupy your mind about the youth?
I said,
Well I do wonder if mute people strive to speak the truth,
Or if blind people believe in an eye for an eye,

He said you’re crazy,
I said you’re a roll model,
even if you don’t wish for it to be so,
You can be the worst football player on the field but yet you still strive for the same goal,
To mean something,

Mom was never proud,
Like being her son,
she never saw me at night,

Hiding behind Cloudy thoughts it always seemed natural to turn down advice,
She said she missed the innocent boy whom never had a thirst for fast money,

Didn’t own two cell phones
And didn’t own clothes equivalent to  half a months rent,

I bet, I bet, I bet
she wouldn’t say much when ever she read the news,
25 year old robbed local jewelry store,
25 year old shot to death
25 year old missing without a trace,

Scream my ears off when I’d enter the door,
I said, would you listen to what she had to say?
He said, why when I’ve heard it all before?
The thing is, time is money and I’ve never had time,

I said, she had time,
she had about 9 months of carrying you around,
Now she has to watch her back when walking down the street when the sun has set,
,You do know that when they can’t get a hold of you they’ll search for her instead?
– question,
Have you ever lived with regret?

He said,
Let me correct you where you seem to have been mislead,
this life style is all I know,
Can’t ever trust friends,

I feel like Saul Williams in ‘slam’ trying to understand a system that forces me to agree with them, – damn,

I -didn’t- choose- this?
Needed to make money,
Pyramid schemes had me slaving like Mose’s people,
Swallowed the bitter truth,
The bad people won
I was never born with a silver spoon in my mouth
So how could I enjoy a Sequel?

… as I sat there staring the truth in his eyes, the door started to bang BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG

I realized something I had never noticed before,
He said,
have you never seen a grown man cry?
I said, I’ve never seen you cry,

…He said,
to answer your question if crime pays,
And if I ever live with regret,
the answer is yes.