S.T.I.C.S-Poets – Zodiac signs

I asked when her birthday was…
She smiled, asked me how comes?
I told her i was known to have the same characteristics as curious George.
So, when’s your birthday?

She laughed, with a very low shaking frequency uttered:
“My birthday is the day that i was born 25 years ago.”

So I laughed.
“Well what’s your zodiac sign?”

She paused…
Eyes dropt tears, the fear of the context of what was going to be answered next had me anticipating like when a baby bird gets thrown down from his birds-nest.

It was like being stuck in a slow motion scene making that short moment feel really uncomfortable.

She said “I’m a cancer,”
I jump up quick saying “I’m a Libra!!”
She said no…
I mean I am a cancer… been a cancer and on my way to visit the stars.
Dreams of fighting the villan had ended.

I’m, waiting to meet my maker, creator of all universes and galaxies, He whom put me here is now going to take me out,
I asked if she was scared?

As she took a sip off of that coffee that was just as black as her hope of expecting to seeing the next day she said…

“I pray for the present, and i hope for the future’.
Tomorrow was never promised today and who am I to have promises promised to?”
I promise promises way too often but its not until now i understand that i was never in any position to give promises…

Used to live a life ahead of time like two weeks,
now i live a life enjoying every moment because I’m too weak,

All the things i wanted to do,
blinded by my ignorance of expectations… I envy the living.

Not because they’re still living,
But, because they can still repent.