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Award winning Swedish poets unveil their ‘Weapon of Choice’


Since 2004 they have been performing around the world from Beijing to London, warming up for the likes of Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Amir Sulaiman, but now S.T.I.C.S are finally ready to unveil why they have caught the attention of the elite

After years of intense work, the two-time winners of the National Swedish Poetry Slam packed their bags and turned their attention towards New York & Washington D.C. to share their spoken word anthology. The project, entitled Weapon of Choice (W.O.C.), also features guest commentary from artists such as Anthony Hamilton, Brother Ali and Seinabo Sey. W.O.C is a deeply immersive reflection of the influences that shape our identity narrated through soundscapes, storytelling, music and poetry in an english spoken word anthology.

Despite the Scandinavian artist collective’s cautiousness of publicly releasing content from Weapon of Choice prematurely, they felt compelled to share their views on the rising tension around the systemic racism, police brutality and the internal struggle of identity and acceptance experienced by many people of color, thus further catalysing the global discours. Subsequently, S.T.I.C.S reached out to USA’s  biggest online community for people of color to collaborate on an early single release from W.O.C entitled “Experience:Black”.

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